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About Us


The Strategy

Investing for
future Generations.


/ Long-Term

Our long-term buy and hold approach to commercial real estate investing allows us to place highly competitive bids for assets in an ever-changing and uncertain market affected by economic, socio-economic and cyclical challenges.


/ Rewarding

Our strategy makes transactions more mutually beneficial, giving us an advantage over any other buyer in the market. Utilizing this strategy allows us to offer more competitive bids on our target acquisitions industry-wide without sacrificing our future upside potential.


/ Experience

With over forty-five years of combined investment banking experience, our leaders have a more secure and efficient way to operate in underperforming markets. Whether in a downward or over-extended market, we can navigate real estate investments for Generations to come.


/ Risk Adverse

Our strategy essentially removes any risk for the sellers by eliminating third-party (escrow) involvement and the opportunity for a lack of performance from either side. Our purchase protocol enables us to manage the transaction in a way in which both parties are in control.

Meet GTX Gruppo

Sound Philosophy

Safety, Surety, Performance

We manage our asset acquisitions utilizing a unique approach that allows for both parties' safety in cross-boarder transactions. This philosophy eliminates the need for costly and risky escrow agents to manage these high-value transactions between GTX Gruppo and the seller, giving the seller immediate access to the funds. The seller is paid directly into their designated account.

Leadership Team_

— meet the team
Robert Ross

Robert Ross

Lawrence Chang

Lawrence Chang

Years of combined experience. Investment Banking, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Private Investments.
Average closing ratio on career deals throughout our investment history as leaders.
Investment. Over Ten Billion in transactions throughout our careers as investment professionals.

Natural Resources

  • Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Refined Products

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